Here at Herrschners, we cherish not only the fun of working on and completing a craft, but also the passion, love, and thoughtfulness that each item holds for the maker and the recipient of a gift made specially for them. We want to hear your stories. Please share pictures of projects you have made or received over the years and tell us the story or memory that craft represents for you. Share your stories with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.


My grandmother loved fashion jewelry. When she died, my grandfather had me go through several totes and drawers filled with earrings (both clip-on and post back), necklaces, bracelets, brooches, and watches. There was only so much that I could wear or needed, but I couldn’t just throw it away.

So, for our first Christmas without Grandma Shirley (2012), I decided to make something with it and gift it to my grandfather. Attached is a photo of a framed piece I made using foam core, paper, and a frame. I spent hours with the pliers ripping off earring backs to make them flat in order to hot glue them down. It’s by far the one craft I did that I’m most proud of and has the most meaning.


My dad made wooden toys, including Barbie furniture, rubber band guns, dinosaurs, circus trains, Noah’s ark sets, cars, marble drop towers and much more. The family helped out with some of the staining, painting, and even upholstery for the Barbie furniture using quilting fabric. He also made a few select pieces of full-size furniture, which have places of honor in my home, custom wall shelves, and more.

The most recent item my dad made for me was a frame for a puzzle we had completed together, and I wanted to hang it on my wall. We went outside together to find pretty, shaped leaves which he used as templates for making the decoration on the corners. That puzzle still hangs on my wall, 12 years after he passed away. It reminds me everyday how I grew up with a love for all things wooden and hand-crafted, and how a family can become that much closer by creating handmade items together.


Winters in Wisconsin are cold…very cold. On blistery nights when we desperately need a reprieve from the ice and snow, our family gathers around the table with mugs of hot chocolate and Christmas records spinning on the turntable. We each find characters from games that were meaningful to us (or ones that just look cool) and make Perler bead designs together as a family.

It’s fun, creative, and rewarding for kids and adults alike. Best of all, we get to share that time as a family and have fun creations to look back on later. These are the memories that last a lifetime.


I have always had a great love for travel and adventure. I have two toddler sons and want to inspire them to seek out their own adventures. So, my husband and I started a pin collection for both the boys when were at Disneyland. Since then, we have both had to travel for work and make it a point to bring home a new pin for each boy. When they are old enough they can pick out their own pins on vacations and school field trips.

Once the boys had a collection started, they just needed a way to display it. Aida cloth just seemed like a logical way to hold the pins. So, I cross-stitched the top and stapled the cloth to the back of a sectional frame. As the boys collect more and more pins, they will also collect memories of family, friends, and discovering their paths in life. I can only hope that these handmade holders will remind them of how their mother encouraged them to follow their dreams and to live life always in search of new adventure.