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Latch hook is a fun craft project for crafters of all ages. Projects range in size and complexity, so crafters can easily find a latch hook design to match their skill level. Once the latch hook project is complete, it can be finished in a variety of ways, such as rugs, pillows, holiday stockings, or wall hangings.

The easiest way to start latch hooking is to buy a kit. A latch hook kit will contain the mesh canvas and yarn you need to complete your project. The canvas size varies according to the project, so make sure to read the product description carefully. A 3.3-mesh canvas is great for kids or beginners. This size canvas has larger holes, which allows for a quicker project but with less detail. A 3.75-mesh canvas is ideal for crafters who want more complex designs. The smaller holes of this canvas allows for more detail in the finished latch design.

You will need to purchase the latch hook tool and any finishing supplies such as rug binding or rug backing separately. You can also purchase latch hook supplies separately, including mesh canvas and packages of pre-cut yarn designed for latch hook projects.  
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