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Boye® Set of 5 Yarn Sleeves Tool


Set of 5. Be proactive and stop tangles before they start. You'll never have to stop in the middle of a project again to untangle or cut yarn. Slip on one of these expandable sleeves to allow the yarn to pull freely and easily.
Boye® 6


You can feel the difference! These lightweight and economical 6" (15cm) crochet hooks feature anodized aluminum perfection points—perfect for your stitching style. Made in U.S.A.
Boye® I Taught Myself to Crochet Kit & Crochet Book
Was: $17.69
Now: $12.99
Teaching yourself how to crochet has never been easier! Beautiful full-color book comes with clear instructions and all the accessories you need to become a champion crocheter in no time! Softcover.
Boye® Ergonomic Aluminum Crochet Handle Tool


Discover how much more you could crochet in a day if your hands never tired! Comfort handle fits all hook sizes from B to K and provides comfort and support while you work. Includes one handle and eight washers in assorted sizes. Hook not included. 9 pcs.
Boye® (Set of 2) 4-in-1 Crochet Hook Tool
Was: $20.78
Now: $16.99


Save when you buy both! Inspired by the Swiss army knife, these clever tools keep the hooks you need folded away when you're not using them. Includes hook sizes E (3.5mm), G (4.25mm), I (5.25mm), and K (6.5mm) and D (3.125mm), F (3.75mm), H (5mm), and J (5.75mm).
Boye® 35 Count Steel T-Pins Accessory
Was: $2.49
Now: $1.49


Boye T-Pins, coated steel pins for all crafting projects, won't snag or rust on any fabric or yarn. 35 pieces.
Boye® 14


You can feel the difference! Each lightweight and economical 14" (36cm) afghan hook features anodized aluminum perfection points—perfect for crocheting afghans, bulky sweaters, and more. Made in U.S.A.
Boye® CrochetMaster™ Crochet Hooks


Fantastic low price! CrochetMaster™ collection includes 16 steel hooks sizes 00-14 and 8 aluminum hooks sizes D-3 to K-10-1/2 (3.25 to 6.5mm). Comes in attractive case for carrying along in your tote. $45.00 VALUE!
Boye® 4-in-1 Crochet Hook (sizes D/F/H/J) Tool
It's the Swiss army knife of crochet! This clever tool has four various-sized hooks that fold out from the convenient storage area. Includes hooks sizes D (3.125mm), F (3.75mm), H (5mm), and J (5.75mm).
Boye® 6
Lightweight and economical jumbo plastic crochet hook is exactly what you want for afghans, bulky sweaters, and more. Made in U.S.A.
Boye® 4-in-1 Crochet Hook (sizes E/G/I/K) Tool
Imagine a Swiss army knife for crochet! This useful tool has four various-sized hooks that fold out from the convenient storage area. Includes hooks in sizes E (3.5mm), G (4.25mm), I (5.25mm), and K (6.5mm).
Boye® Baby Booties 4
Boye Starting Points suede baby boot blank. Faux shearling boot is ready for hand knit or crochet cuffs to be added on for warm and unique booties for baby. 4" long boot sole.
Crocheting is a wonderfully diverse craft enjoyed by crocheters of all ages. Using a crochet hook and yarn, you can crochet almost anything imaginable—afghans, clothing, fashion accessories, home décor, plush toys, and more! From traditional to trendy, there are literally thousands of knit and crochet patterns for afghans, baby afghans, sweaters, pillows, baskets, and more to suit your personal style and experience level.
Crochet patterns come in four skill levels: beginner, easy, intermediate, and experienced (also called advanced). If you’re just learning how to crochet, start with a beginner or easy pattern before moving on to an intermediate pattern. If you’re comfortable at the intermediate level, try expanding your skills with an experienced pattern.
For an easy way to get started crocheting, search for a project labeled as a crochet kit. Kits contain both the pattern and yarn to complete the project. Not only does this save you from having to purchase the yarn separately, but it also ensures you’ll have enough yarn to finish the project.
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