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Dover® Halloween Scapes Coloring Book


Enjoy tricks, not treats, as you choose your favorite coloring medium to bring the intricate images in this book to life! 16 designs.
Dover® Old Fashion Farm Life Coloring Book


Forty-three accurately rendered illustrations depict detailed scenes of kitchen chores (churning butter, preparing foods); seasonal occupations (shearing sheep, mowing hay, "harvesting" and "sugaring off" maple syrup); plowing, planting, other activities. Fact-filled captions. Published in association with Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village.
Dover® Happy Halloween Coloring Book


Enjoy treats, not tricks, as you choose your favorite coloring medium to bring the intricate images in this book to life. 30 designs.
Dover® A Walk in the Woods Coloring Book


Take a tour of the four seasons and observe the mysteries of nature with great artistry. Add color, view sightings of spring flowers to amazing life beneath pond ice. Great for colorists of all ages. 30 designs.
Dover® North American Lighthouses Coloring Book


Lighthouse coloring book offers 46 detailed drawings of famous lighthouses in the United States and Canada. Each lighthouse offers captions to valuable background information on location, height, and date of construction.
Dover® Classic Movie Posters Coloring Book


From such great epics as Ben-Hur and Gone with the Wind to the madcap escapades of the Marx Brothers in Duck Soup, this collection of classic movie posters celebrates thirty timeless films that movie fans never tire of watching. Faithful renderings of posters that breathlessly advertised such great films as Stagecoach, High Noon, North by Northwest, It's a Wonderful Life, West Side Story, and twenty-two others can be reproduced in their original hues or enhanced with an exciting blend of colors from the budding young artist's own palette.
Dover® Creative Haven Winter Scenes Coloring Book


Experience the joyful scenes of winter as you bring these vignettes to life using colored pencils, paints, or crayons. Choose from 31 designs in this coloring book. Softcover.
Dover® Creative Haven Christmas Trees Coloring Book


Create the Christmas decorations of your dreams as you color these fantastic trees using colored pencils, paints, or crayons. Choose from 31 detailed designs in this coloring book. Softcover.
Dover® Betty Boop Coloring Book


Betty Boop was born in the 1930s but her charm and vivacity have never gone out of style. Join the carefree flapper and her rollicking crew of friends for hours of coloring fun. You'll be taking a new look at an old friend - these 62 vintage images of Betty come from the King Features archive, and they've never before appeared in a coloring book.
Dover® Creative Haven Dogs Color by Number Coloring Book


Create striking portraits of man's best friend in this wonderful collection of color-by-number designs. Achieve realistic effects and perfect shading following lightly printed numbers that correspond to a simple coloring key. Easily remove and display the finished perforated pages that are specially designed for experienced colorists. 46 designs. Softcover.
Dover® Butterflies Coloring Book


This treasury of detailed, accurately rendered illustrations (including two double-page spreads) invites coloring book enthusiasts to bring over 40 species of butterflies to life in vivid color. Here are such delicately beautiful creatures as the black, salmon-orange, white and blue painted lady, the rapid-flying dogface butterfly, with wing markings that look like a poodle's profile, and a host of others: pipevine swallowtail, monarch, buckeye, white admiral, olive hairstreak, Milbert's tortoiseshell, great spangled fritillary, ruddy daggerwing, fiery skipper, mourning cloak, tiger swallowtail, red admiral, and many more, all of them found in the United States or Canada. Fact-filled captions provide information about each species' coloration, range, habitat, special characteristics, and more. All are shown in full color on the covers. An excellent source of nature illustrations for artists and craftspeople, this delightful coloring book can also be used as an accurate, inexpensive nature identification guide.
Dover® Backyard Nature Coloring Book


Wild animals in our midst come to life in this unique, carefully rendered coloring book. Forty-two detailed black-and-white illustrations depict a garter snake, Virginia deer, garden spider, Japanese beetles, chickadees, raccoons, honeybees, cardinals, squirrels, and many more. 5 color illustrations on covers.
Coloring has always been a fun activity for kids, but more and more adults have been picking up the hobby in recent years as studies have shown that coloring reduces stress as well as other health benefits. Adult coloring books tend to include more intricate designs than traditional coloring books. Themes can vary from nature to fashion, and repeating patterns such as mandalas are popular.

Most coloring books are designed for use with a variety of mediums, so colorists can use crayons, colored pencils, markers, or gel pens to complete their designs. The medium used is often a matter of preference, depending on the feel while coloring and appearance of the colored image.

Like coloring, drawing can also provide hours of relaxing creative time. Sketching and drawing kits provide you with pre-printed designs to sketch—no previous artistic skill required! Or, if you’re an experienced artist, you can pick up a sketch pad. Sketch pads are available with a variety of paper weights, depending on which medium you prefer. Read the product description to see which medium is best for that sketch pad.  
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