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Fiberfill, 16 oz. Accessory


Far superior to common fiberfill. Light and lofty, first quality fiberfill for all your crafting projects. Does not “clump” like other polyester fiberfill products. Washable. Non-allergenic. 16 oz. (0.54kg) bag. Made in U.S.A.
Pillow Forms
$5.99 - $8.99


A superior quality pillow form with premium muslin ticking. Made in U.S.A. and/or imported.
Fiberfill is used to add dimension to craft projects such as pillows and stuffed toys. Fiberfill can be used in both sewing and knit or crochet, with projects made from material or yarn. It has a light, cloud-like texture that is easy to use. Simply pull a handful of fiberfill from the bag, fluff it up a bit, and insert into your pillow or stuffed toy. The amount of fiberfill you use depends on how firm you want your finished project to be.

Pillows are the most common project that uses fiberfill. When making a pillow, consider using a pillow form rather than fiberfill to make your project easier.  Pillow forms come pre-stuffed with fiberfill, so all you need to do is insert the pillow form into your pillow project and sew up the side. Pillow forms work especially well with knit and crochet pillows, as the material of the pillow form prevents the fiberfill from coming out between the stitches. 
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