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Coloring has always been a fun activity for kids, but more and more adults have been picking up the hobby in recent years as studies have shown that coloring reduces stress as well as other health benefits. Adult coloring books tend to include more intricate designs than traditional coloring books. Themes can vary from nature to fashion, and repeating patterns such as mandalas are popular.


Most coloring books are designed for use with a variety of mediums, so colorists can use crayons, colored pencils, markers, or gel pens to complete their designs. The medium used is often a matter of preference, depending on the feel while coloring and appearance of the colored image.


Like coloring, drawing can also provide hours of relaxing creative time. Sketching and drawing kits provide you with pre-printed designs to sketch—no previous artistic skill required! Or, if you’re an experienced artist or just want to draw and color without boundaries, you can pick up a sketchbook. Sketchbooks offer blank pages to create on with fun cover designs to choose from.