Diamond Art Freestyle Gems

Item 041900P
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Let your creativity shine! This full palette of over 400 Diamond Dotz colors allows you to create your own customized diamond art. Discover the complete creative freedom to design personalized diamond painting projects of any shape or size.
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Agave Agave

Antique Green Antique Green

Army Green Army Green

Baby Blossom Baby Blossom

Black Pearl Black Pearl

Blue Gray Blue Gray

Blue Gum Blue Gum

Blue Shadow Blue Shadow

Bright Cerise Bright Cerise

Bright Lime Bright Lime

Bright Mint Green Bright Mint Green

Burnt Umber Burnt Umber

Cadmium Cadmium

Cedar Green Cedar Green

Celery Green Celery Green

Cement Cement

Chrome Chrome

Crepe Myrtle Crepe Myrtle

Cyclamen Cyclamen

Dark Agave Dark Agave

Dark Apple Green Dark Apple Green

Dark Aqua Dark Aqua

Dark Ash Dark Ash

Dark Beryl Dark Beryl

Dark Blue Gray Dark Blue Gray

Dark Blue Green Dark Blue Green

Dark Brick Red Dark Brick Red

Dark Burgundy Dark Burgundy

Dark Cement Dark Cement

Dark Citrus Dark Citrus

Dark Clay Dark Clay

Dark Cornflower Dark Cornflower

Dark Crimson Dark Crimson

Dark Cyclamen Dark Cyclamen

Dark Dove Dark Dove

Dark Dusky Pink Dark Dusky Pink

Dark Emerald Dark Emerald

Dark Eucalyptus Dark Eucalyptus

Dark Fern Dark Fern

Dark Floral Dark Floral

Dark Forest Dark Forest

Dark Fuschia Dark Fuschia

Dark Garnet Dark Garnet

Dark Ginger Dark Ginger

Dark Glacier Dark Glacier

Dark Java Dark Java

Dark Jazz Pink Dark Jazz Pink

Dark Kelly Green Dark Kelly Green

Dark Khaki Dark Khaki

Dark Kingfisher Dark Kingfisher

Dark Latte Dark Latte

Dark Lavendar Dark Lavendar

Dark Linen Dark Linen

Dark May Green Dark May Green

Dark Mole Dark Mole

Dark Mushroom Dark Mushroom

Dark Musk Dark Musk

Dark Ochre Dark Ochre

Dark Olive Dark Olive

Dark Oriental Blue Dark Oriental Blue

Dark Parrot Dark Parrot

Dark Pickle Dark Pickle

Dark Pine Green Dark Pine Green

Dark Primrose Dark Primrose

Dark Puce Dark Puce

Dark Reef Dark Reef

Dark Reflex Blue Dark Reflex Blue

Dark Rose Dark Rose

Dark Rust Dark Rust

Dark Sapphire Dark Sapphire

Dark Sea Quest Dark Sea Quest

Dark Sepia Dark Sepia

Dark Siena Dark Siena

Dark Skin Tone Dark Skin Tone

Dark Sky Blue Dark Sky Blue

Dark Slate Dark Slate

Dark Stone Dark Stone

Dark Tan Dark Tan

Dark Terra Cotta Dark Terra Cotta

Dark Turquoise Dark Turquoise

Dark Twig Dark Twig

Dark Wattle Dark Wattle

Deep Aegean Deep Aegean

Deep Blush Deep Blush

Deep Cadmium Deep Cadmium

Deep Chartreuse Deep Chartreuse

Deep Coral Deep Coral

Deep Gold Deep Gold

Deep Jungle Deep Jungle

Deep Ocean Deep Ocean

Deep Spa Deep Spa

Deep Waterfall Deep Waterfall

Delphinium Blue Delphinium Blue

Donkey Donkey

Duck Egg Blue Duck Egg Blue

Dusky Pink Dusky Pink

Feather Pink Feather Pink

Flag Red Flag Red

Forget-Me-Not Blue Forget-Me-Not Blue

French Gray French Gray

Frilly Pink Frilly Pink

Frog Green Frog Green

Frosty Pink Frosty Pink

Fuschia Fuschia

Gentian Gentian

Gentian Violet Gentian Violet

Glacier Blue Glacier Blue

Gold Ginger Gold Ginger

Gray Green Gray Green

Gray Green Haze Gray Green Haze

Green Gold Green Gold

Green Haze Green Haze

Greenstone Greenstone

Gum Green Gum Green

Gun Metal Gun Metal

Heaven Blue Heaven Blue

Holly Green Holly Green

Ice Burgundy Ice Burgundy

Ice Pink Ice Pink

Jacaranda Jacaranda

Java Java

Jazz Pink Jazz Pink

Junior Navy Junior Navy

Lavendar Lavendar

Lemon Cadman Lemon Cadman

Lemon Yellow Lemon Yellow

Leprachaun Leprachaun

Light  Emerald Light Emerald

Light Aegean Light Aegean

Light Agave Light Agave

Light Apple Green Light Apple Green

Light Aqua Light Aqua

Light Ballet Pink Light Ballet Pink

Light Blush Light Blush

Light Brick Red Light Brick Red

Light Bronze Light Bronze

Light Burgundy Light Burgundy

Light Carnation Light Carnation

Light Clay Light Clay

Light Cyclamen Light Cyclamen

Light Delft Light Delft

Light Dusky Pink Light Dusky Pink

Light Eucalyptus Light Eucalyptus

Light Frilly Pink Light Frilly Pink

Light Frog Green Light Frog Green

Light Fuschia Light Fuschia

Light Glacier Light Glacier

Light Hot Pink Light Hot Pink

Light Jade Light Jade

Light Java Light Java

Light Jazz Pink Light Jazz Pink

Light Jungle Light Jungle

Light Juniper Light Juniper

Light Khaki Light Khaki

Light Kingfisher Light Kingfisher

Light Latte Light Latte

Light Magenta Light Magenta

Light Mole Light Mole

Light Mole Pink Light Mole Pink

Light Nacre Light Nacre

Light Ochre Light Ochre

Light Oyster Light Oyster

Light Puce Light Puce

Light Reef Light Reef

Light Skin Tone Light Skin Tone

Light Stone Light Stone

Light Tan Light Tan

Lilac Pink Lilac Pink

Lolly Pink Lolly Pink

Lorikeet Lorikeet

May Green May Green

Medium Blue Gray Medium Blue Gray