DMC® 6-Strand Embroidery Floss

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Perfect for cross-stitch, embroidery, needlepoint, smocking, and a wide variety of embroideries. DMC® Cotton Embroidery Floss is the most recommended thread in the world.
• A brilliant divisible thread made of double mercerized, long staple 100% cotton fibers in a pull-skein.
• Each skein is made of 6 size 25 easily separated strands which allows you to adjust the thickness of your stitching.
• 454 solid colors, 18 variegated colors available – we stock every color!
• 100% colorfast and fade resistant.
• Approximately 8.7 yds (8m) per skein. Imported from France.
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Alizarin Alizarin

Apple Blossom Apple Blossom

Apple Green Apple Green

Apricot Apricot

Avocado Green Avocado Green

Black Avocado Green Black Avocado Green

Black Brown Black Brown

Blue Green Blue Green

Bright Canary Bright Canary

Bright Chartreuse Bright Chartreuse

Bright Orange-Red Bright Orange-Red

Bright Red Bright Red

Burnt Orange Burnt Orange

Celadon Green Celadon Green

Cocoa Cocoa

Copper Copper

Cornflower Blue Cornflower Blue

Cyclamen Pink Cyclamen Pink

Dark Blueberry Dark Blueberry

Dark Driftwood Dark Driftwood

Dark Fuchsia Dark Fuchsia

Dark Pistachio Green Dark Pistachio Green

Dark Tin Dark Tin

Deep Canary Deep Canary

Delft Blue Delft Blue

Desert Sand Desert Sand

Dk Cocoa Dk Cocoa

Dk Raspberry Dk Raspberry

Dk. Antique Blue Dk. Antique Blue

Dk. Antique Mauve Dk. Antique Mauve

Dk. Antique Violet Dk. Antique Violet

Dk. Aquamarine Dk. Aquamarine

Dk. Autumn Gold Dk. Autumn Gold

Dk. Avocado Green Dk. Avocado Green

Dk. Beaver Gray Dk. Beaver Gray

Dk. Beige Brown Dk. Beige Brown

Dk. Beige Gray Dk. Beige Gray

Dk. Blue Dk. Blue

Dk. Blue Green Dk. Blue Green

Dk. Blue Violet Dk. Blue Violet

Dk. Brown Gray Dk. Brown Gray

Dk. Burnt Orange Dk. Burnt Orange

Dk. Carnation Dk. Carnation

Dk. Celadon Green Dk. Celadon Green

Dk. Coffee Brown Dk. Coffee Brown

Dk. Coral Dk. Coral

Dk. Cornflower Blue Dk. Cornflower Blue

Dk. Cranberry Dk. Cranberry

Dk. Cyclamen Pink Dk. Cyclamen Pink

Dk. Delft Blue Dk. Delft Blue

Dk. Desert Sand Dk. Desert Sand

Dk. Dk. Baby Blue Dk. Dk. Baby Blue

Dk. Dk. Violet Dk. Dk. Violet

Dk. Drab Brown Dk. Drab Brown

Dk. Dusty Rose Dk. Dusty Rose

Dk. Electric Blue Dk. Electric Blue

Dk. Emerald Green Dk. Emerald Green

Dk. Fern Green Dk. Fern Green

Dk. Forest Green Dk. Forest Green

Dk. Garnet Dk. Garnet

Dk. Golden Brown Dk. Golden Brown

Dk. Golden Olive Dk. Golden Olive

Dk. Grape Dk. Grape

Dk. Green Dk. Green

Dk. Green Gray Dk. Green Gray

Dk. Hazelnut Brown Dk. Hazelnut Brown

Dk. Hunter Green Dk. Hunter Green

Dk. Khaki Green Dk. Khaki Green

Dk. Lavender Dk. Lavender

Dk. Lavender Blue Dk. Lavender Blue

Dk. Lemon Dk. Lemon

Dk. Mahogany Dk. Mahogany

Dk. Mauve Dk. Mauve

Dk. Melon Dk. Melon

Dk. Mocha Beige Dk. Mocha Beige

Dk. Mocha Brown Dk. Mocha Brown

Dk. Moss Green Dk. Moss Green

Dk. Navy Blue Dk. Navy Blue

Dk. Old Gold Dk. Old Gold

Dk. Olive Green Dk. Olive Green

Dk. Orange Spice Dk. Orange Spice

Dk. Parrot Green Dk. Parrot Green

Dk. Peacock Blue Dk. Peacock Blue

Dk. Pewter Gray Dk. Pewter Gray

Dk. Pine Green Dk. Pine Green

Dk. Plum Dk. Plum

Dk. Red Dk. Red

Dk. Red Copper Dk. Red Copper

Dk. Rose Dk. Rose

Dk. Rosewood Dk. Rosewood

Dk. Royal Blue Dk. Royal Blue

Dk. Salmon Dk. Salmon

Dk. Seagreen Dk. Seagreen

Dk. Shell Gray Dk. Shell Gray

Dk. Shell Pink Dk. Shell Pink

Dk. Steel Gray Dk. Steel Gray

Dk. Straw Dk. Straw

Dk. Teal Green Dk. Teal Green

Dk. Terra Cotta Dk. Terra Cotta

Dk. Topaz Dk. Topaz

Dk. Turquoise Dk. Turquoise

Dk. Wedgewood Dk. Wedgewood

Dk. Yellow Beige Dk. Yellow Beige

Drab Brown Drab Brown

Driftwood Driftwood

Dusty Rose Dusty Rose

Ecru Ecru

Elec. Blue Elec. Blue

Fern Green Fern Green

Garnet Garnet

Geranium Geranium

Golden Brown Golden Brown

Golden Olive Golden Olive

Green Gray Green Gray

Hazelnut Brown Hazelnut Brown

Hunter Green Hunter Green

Jade Green Jade Green

Light Alizarin Light Alizarin

Light Chartreuse Light Chartreuse

Light Driftwood Light Driftwood

Light Moss Green Light Moss Green

Light Mustard Light Mustard

Light Straw Light Straw

Light Tawny Light Tawny

Light Tender Green Light Tender Green

Light Yellow Plum Light Yellow Plum

Lt. Antique Blue Lt. Antique Blue

Lt. Antique Mauve Lt. Antique Mauve

Lt. Antique Violet Lt. Antique Violet

Lt. Apricot Lt. Apricot

Lt. Aquamarine Lt. Aquamarine

Lt. Autumn Gold Lt. Autumn Gold

Lt. Avocado Green Lt. Avocado Green

Lt. Baby Blue Lt. Baby Blue

Lt. Baby Pink Lt. Baby Pink

Lt. Beaver Gray Lt. Beaver Gray

Lt. Beige Brown Lt. Beige Brown

Lt. Beige Gray Lt. Beige Gray

Lt. Blue Lt. Blue

Lt. Blue Green Lt. Blue Green

Lt. Blue Violet Lt. Blue Violet

Lt. Brown Lt. Brown

Lt. Brown Gray Lt. Brown Gray

Lt. Carnation Lt. Carnation

Lt. Celadon Green Lt. Celadon Green

Lt. Christmas Green Lt. Christmas Green

Lt. Cocoa Lt. Cocoa

Lt. Copper Lt. Copper

Lt. Coral Lt. Coral

Lt. Cornflower Blue Lt. Cornflower Blue

Lt. Cranberry Lt. Cranberry

Lt. Cyclamen Pink Lt. Cyclamen Pink

Lt. Desert Sand Lt. Desert Sand

Lt. Drab Brown Lt. Drab Brown

Lt. Dusty Rose Lt. Dusty Rose

Lt. Emerald Green Lt. Emerald Green