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Professor Puzzle Well, Who Knows? Game

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This trivia game isn’t just about what you know. It’s also about knowing what the other players don’t know! This fun twist on classic trivia games offers two ways to earn points:
1. Guess the answer correctly and win a point token.
2. Bet correctly that the other players will guess the wrong answer and win the point token they didn’t win. Each round starts with revealing the multiple-choice answers first instead of the question. The “host” guesses what the question might be and then places bets on which players won’t know the right answer. When the question is revealed, players who answer correctly win a point. If they get it wrong, the host gets the point. Bet wisely or guess right to score big!
• Game includes 250 question cards, 24 scoring chips, 16 answer tokens, and instructions.
• This trivia game is for 2-8 players.
• Ages 12+.

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Professor Puzzle Well, Who Knows? Game

Professor Puzzle Well, Who Knows? Game

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