Finishing Your Needlework Stocking

Finishing a Christmas stocking doesn’t have to be difficult. These easy steps will help you complete it like a pro!

Step 1     

Trims add a special touch to stockings. If you want to add a sewn-in trim to the foot of your stocking, baste it around the edges of the stocking. Sew the stocking front to the back, leaving the top open (Figure 1). Clip the curves (use scissors to make small cuts from the raw edge to the seam on inward curves). Then turn the stocking right side out and press.

Step 2

If you want to add a cuff to the stocking, sew it together as your pattern directs, leaving the top edge unfinished (Figure 2). Slip the cuff onto the stocking, aligning the raw edges, and baste them together. Or you can baste a ruffle to the top edge of the stocking with raw edges aligned.

Step 3

Sew the lining pieces together in the same manner as the stocking, except stop halfway up one side and backstitch three or four stitches with your sewing machine for stability. Moving along the same edge, start sewing again leaving a 3" to 4" (7.6cm to 10.2cm) opening. Begin with a few backstitches for stability. Clip the curves, but leave the lining wrong side out (Figure 3).

Step 4

Insert the stocking (and cuff or trim if present) into the lining and align the top edges (Figure 4).

Step 5

Sew all the way around the top, stitching through all layers (Figure 5).

Step 6

Begin pulling the toe of the stocking through the opening in the lining (Figure 6). Continue pulling until the entire stocking and lining are right side out.

Step 7

Neatly hand-stitch the opening closed in the lining (Figure 7).

Step 8

Tuck the lining inside the stocking and press (Figure 8).