Intro to Zenbroidery

Zenbroidery™ is a fun craft that combines the coloring book trend with traditional needlework. The concept is simple: Coloring book-style images are stamped onto fabric, and you “color” the picture with floss by stitching in between the lines.
The great thing about Zenbroidery is that there are no rules for stitching the image. Just like a coloring book, you select the colors you use. You can use whatever embroidery stitches you want to complete the image and make the completed project uniquely yours. Plus, you can embellish your image with craft cord, sequins, or beads for some extra sparkle—wherever your creativity takes you! 
If you want a little creative inspiration for stitching your image, each project comes with a scannable code that sends you online for more instructions and ideas. Check out the video below to see how Zenbroidery is done, then pick up your own supplies to get started on a project!