Quiz: How Obsessive a Crafter Are You?

From those who occasionally do crafts to pass the time to people who have made it their lifestyle, where do you fall on the spectrum?

True or False

T F I have my finished work displayed in my home.
(When scoring, give yourself 5 bonus points for each room that has a finished project on display.)
T F I have changed things I didn’t like about a pattern (e.g. size, color scheme, materials).
T F I have given a completed project as a present.
T F I take a project with me wherever I go, just in case I have a few spare minutes.
T F I have developed my own patterns.
(Give yourself 10 bonus points if you sell your patterns online for other crafters to enjoy.)
T F I have sold my projects at a craft show or online.
T F I have made my own clothing or accessories.
(Give yourself 15 bonus points if you’re wearing it right now.)
T F I have occasionally crafted for so long it made my wrist, elbow, or shoulder sore.
T F I have stayed up past my normal bedtime to work on a project.
(Give yourself 10 bonus points if you have pulled an all-nighter!)
T F I have skipped out on social events to work on a project.
(Give yourself 10 bonus points if it was a wedding.)


Multiple Choice

On average, how many hours do you spend crafting each day?
A)     Less than 1 hour
B)     1-2 hours
C)     2-4 hours
D)    More than 4 hours

How many projects are you currently working on?
A)     None—I’m between projects right now.
B)     Only 1—I prefer to finish one project completely before starting the next one. 
C)     Between 2 and 6—I like having options when I sit down to craft.
D)    I have lost track, but I know it’s more than 6!

How many projects have you completed in the last year?
A)     0-1
B)     2-5
C)     6-10
D)    More than 10
How many complete projects did you give as presents this year?
A)     1-2
B)     3-6
C)     7-10
D)    More than 10
Have you or your family members ever accidentally sat on a needle or crochet hook?
A)     No.
B)     Maybe once or twice.
C)     Several times.
D)    At least once a day.
(Give yourself 10 bonus points if an injury occurred, 15 if it required medical attention!)

I have worked on a project while traveling...
A)     never
B)     in a car
C)     on a bus or train
D)    on an airplane
(Give yourself points for all that apply.)

Looking around my house, I can see supplies in...
A)     only 1 room
B)     maybe 2-3 rooms
C)     every room
D)    every room plus in my car

In the last year, I have taken...
A)     no classes
B)     1 class
C)     2 or more classes
D)    I teach a class

Over a long holiday weekend, I prefer to...
A)     visit with friends and family.
B)     visit with friends and family, but I try to sneak in a few hours of crafting time before bed.
C)     visit with friends and family, but I spend the entire time hidden away in the guest room with a project.
D)    send my family out of town so I can enjoy 3 days of uninterrupted crafting time!

Have you ever called in sick to your job just to work on a project?
A)     Of course not, that’s crazy!
B)     No, but I do work on projects over breaks and lunchtime.
C)     Maybe once or twice—I won’t officially admit to anything!
D)    I refer to them as “stitch days” instead of “sick days.”


In the True or False section, give yourself 10 points for each True answer. Don’t forget the bonus points!
In the Multiple Choice section, give yourself 0 points for each A answer, 10 points for each B answer, 15 points for each C answer, and 20 points for each D answer. Don’t forget the bonus points!
0-100   Sporadic Crafter
You enjoy crafting, but you don’t do it regularly. Maybe you’re just starting out and haven’t had the opportunity to fully embrace your creative side. Try joining a class or group so you can dedicate more time to your craft!

101-200   Leisurely Crafter
Crafting is a hobby for you, but not a lifestyle. It’s something you do to pass some time or relax after a stressful day. Try finding a new project to get your creative juices flowing.

201-300    Enthusiastic Crafter
You are crafty, but not obsessive. Your friends and family praise you for your creativity. You spend many happy hours working on a project, but you have no problem setting it aside to do something else. You obviously need to re-prioritize your time to spend more time creating!

301-400   Passionate Crafter
You are borderline obsessive, but still have a ways to go. You always have a project in your hands or within reach, and your home is filled with items you’ve created. Your friends and family know they will receive beautiful handmade gifts each year, but they don’t worry that you’re making everyone matching sweaters.
Over 400   Fanatical Crafter
You are officially obsessed, and your friends and family have discussed staging a craft intervention. This would be a good time to find out their shirt size so you can start on their next present. In the meantime, stop messing with this quiz and get back to your project!