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Knit & Crochet
All About Yarn Weights
From lace to jumbo, this guide explores yarn weights.
Anatomy of a Knit or Crochet Pattern
Knit and crochet patterns spell out everything you need to know to create your project.
Checking Your Gauge
Learn why proper gauge is important for your knit or crochet project.
Blocking a Knit or Crochet Project
Learn how to block your finished project and maintain its shape.
Basic Crochet Stitches
Get started on crochet with this guide to beginner stitches.
Basic Knit Stitches

Basic Knit Stitches
Learn how to knit using these basic stitches.

Common Crochet Abbreviations
Brush up on crochet terminology and abbreviations with this guide.
Common Knit Abbreviations
Use this handy guide to familiarize yourself with knit terminology and abbreviations.
Crochet Hooks
Learn about the different types, sizes, and styles of crochet hooks.
Knitting Needles
Needles come in a variety of sizes, styles, and shapes.
Types of Needlework: What's the Difference?
Learn the difference between cross-stitch, embroidery, needlepoint, and plastic canvas.
Know Your Needles
Learn the different types and sizes of needles available.
Specialty Stitches
With their interesting shapes, specialty stitches can add unique textures to a needlework project.
DMC to Craftways Conversion Chart

This top-quality cotton embroidery floss is a joy to stitch with because it was developed by stitchers, for stitchers! Plus, you can save up to 40% on your next stitching project when you convert to Craftways using this easy conversion chart!

Needlework Fabrics 101
Needlepoint, Hardanger, embroidery fabric—what is the difference between them?
Alternate "Fabrics"
Whether you’re a stitching beginner or an expert looking for something different, try one of these options for a new twist!
Counted Cross-Stitch
These general instructions and basic stitches will get you started in counted cross-stitch.
Cross-Stitch Fabrics 101
Fabric can make all the difference in a project, so it’s important to know the basics before getting started.
Finishing Ideas: Counted Cross-Stitch
Once you have completed your counted cross-stitch piece, it can be finished in a variety of ways.
Tips for Over-One Stitching
Stitching over one fabric thread on evenweave and linen yields stunning results!
Stamped Cross-Stitch Basics
Learn all about stamped cross-stitch.
Stamped Embroidery Basics
Brush up on the basics of stamped embroidery with this guide.
Finishing Your Needlework Stocking
You’ve just finished stitching a stocking—now what?! Read on to learn how to finish it like a pro.
Getting Started in Needlepoint
You’ll be well on your way to becoming a needlepoint pro with this how-to!
Needlepoint Materials
Canvas, yarn, and needles—here’s everything you need to know about needlepoint supplies.
Hand-Painted Needlepoint Canvas
Check out these tips on what to look for when selecting a hand-painted canvas.
Blocking a Needlepoint Project
Ensure your project is perfectly blocked with these step-by-step instructions.
Converting Cross-Stitch to Needlepoint
Adapt your favorite cross-stitch charts so they can be done in needlepoint!
Intro to Hardanger
Take your stitching to the next level with cutwork, a decorative form of counted thread embroidery.
Hemstitch Tips & Techniques
Drawn threadwork techniques, which create decorative openings in the fabric, create stunning stitchery.
Plastic Canvas 101
Make wall hangings, coasters, tissue box covers, and more with this easy-to-stitch craft!
Blackwork Basics
Typically stitched in black threads on white fabric, this historic form of needlework is an exciting technique to explore.
Teach a Child to Stitch
Introducing young children to cross-stitch can be easy and enjoyable for teacher and student alike!
Intro to Zenbroidery
Combine the coloring book trend with traditional needlework!
Craft & Hobby
Learn to Latch Hook
Create rugs, wall hangings, pillows, tree skirts, and more with this fun craft!
Paint-By-Number 101
Create beautiful works of art with paint-by-number.
Intro to Diamond Painting
Arrange tiny “diamond”-like facets into colorful patterns and designs that sparkle!
Macrame Techniques
Learn the popular steps to make the most popular macrame knots and more.
Ballpoint Painting 101
If you can write with a ballpoint pen or color a picture in a coloring book, you can create with ball point paint!
Express your artistic side with pencil-by-number!
Wash With Care
Learn how to care for your finished item.
Quiz: How Obsessive a Crafter Are You?
From those who occasionally do crafts to people who have made it their lifestyle, where do you fall on the spectrum?