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About Us - The Herrschners Story

According to company folklore, Herrschners was founded by a young German immigrant named Frederick Herrschner. At the end of the 1800', it was common to see street vendors plying their wares from pushcarts on the streets of Chicago, including Frederick, who sold sewing notions from his pushcart to many satisfied customers. They knew he sold quality items and came to depend on him.

At the same time, America's mass exodus to the west was going through Chicago. Many of Frederick's customers heeded the call to find land but found that the quality products they were accustomed to purchasing were no longer available in their new communities. They wrote to Frederick and asked if he could mail them the goods and notions they needed. This gave Frederick the idea that launched the company: he would develop a catalog and sell his merchandise to those who had no other outlet for the quality goods he provided.

The rest as they say is history—this catalog company has been in continuous operation for 125 years! Frederick operated the business from various locations in Chicago until his death in 1929.

At that point, the business was sold and remained in Chicago until 1970. Stevens Point, WI was a stopping point for many Chicago vacationers, one of whom was a former company owner. He was drawn by the quality of life and great work ethic of this central Wisconsin community, so the operation of the business was relocated here, where it continues to this day.

Business has evolved over the years with advances in technology. Customers still enjoy receiving the newest catalogs in the mail, but they can also shop online with access to thousands of yarns, projects, and handy helpers—more products than Frederick could have imagined! Shop the collection today and join the generations of creators who have relied on Herrschners to help create their next handmade memory!

Historic Covers

Historic Covers