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Paint Your Own Masterpiece

Paint by number kits make becoming an artist as easy as 1-2-3! Great for gifts or for yourself, each fun and easy kit includes a printed canvas that is marked with numbers to indicate which color to use. Follow the numbers to paint each section for your very own artistic masterpiece! Many kits include pre-mixed paint to make color matching effortless, while some kits include simple mixing instructions to create just the right shade. Once finished, add a frame and proudly display your painting as the start of your own art gallery!

Paint-By-Number Kits

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You can create beautiful masterpieces with paint-by-number even if you’ve never painted before. Paint-by-number kits make it easy, as they contain everything you need to complete the project: a pre-printed board, paints, and paintbrush.
When selecting a paint-by-number kit, it’s important to pay attention to the type of paint included. Some companies provide pre-mixed paints, meaning the kit contains all the colors you need to paint. If the product description does not say the paint is pre-mixed, that means you must mix the paints yourself, combining different colors to get the shades you need. Pre-mixed paints are easier to work with, especially for beginner painters, but some artists prefer to mix their own.